- C H A L O K L U M   V I L L A G E -

one of the oldest villages on Koh Phanagn that still keeps its charm alive over a hundred years. Our village is well known for its authenticity of being a fishing village that feeds the island with its rich resources. Chaloklum has become the diver’s paradise over recent years, bringing numbers of dive school, expat and eco travelers to this little town.

As the island has been developed quickly by the mass tourism, it seems like the time here is preserved and the vibes of our small town has never been changed. Its location is also set next to the beautiful unspoiled beaches, a dramatic jungle, waterfalls and mountains where families will enjoy all activities together.

You will find the small sacred temple where it holds the hearts of Buddhism and the hearts of villagers together, the local fishermen leaving the shore and come back at sunset with the catches of the day, the kids jumping off the pier into the blue sea after school and the busy monkey on the way to work in the morning at one of the coconut plantation in the village. 

These might be different scenes from your home or your usual vacation, but these are ordinary and most simple scenes in our village life for years. 

Just open your heart, take time and blend in :)  




- S I L A N   R E S I D E N C E - 

the ideal place for those who are looking for authentic Thai holiday experience away from the crowd and tourists, away from the sophisticated atmosphere and back to basic.

Silan Residence is a sister resort of Sarikantang resort and spa, a 20 years well established 4 stars resort, located in Haad Rin, Koh Phangan. Both resorts are run and managed professionally but as a family business. The signature design of the brand by our owner makes the 2 resorts stand out from the other properties with its own style and comfort. 

After years of operating the resort in the touristic area, we found Chaloklum a sanctuary for us when the holiday is needed. The simplicity of the small town and the people in the area are much loved by us, so we created these comfortable villas in this authentic village in 2018 with the hope to share the same experiences and happiness to all our guests.